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- Active board work for companies within consultancy and aquaculture.

- Prepared business plan for companies in the seafood industry

- Advisor for strategic restructuring processes within the pelagic sector

- Adviser in connection with financial restructurings in seafood companies

- Prepared several valuations in various sectors in the fishing industry

- Prepared financial modeling for companies within the fishing industry

- Debt financing of fishing line, fishing and aquaculture companies

- Advisor at the raising of capital for fisheries companies

- Advisor on purchase and sales processes of fisheries companies

- Management for hire in fish farming companies

- Preparation competitor analysis for companies within the processing of seafood products

- Preparation of strategy note for the company in the processing of seafood products

- Analysis of trade flows with the EU for pelagic products for player in the pelagic sector

- Global value chain analysis for business in fish farming

- Sector analysis and preparation of a prospectus for fishing vessel company

- Completed benchmarking of companies within different sectors of the fishing industry

- Capital Acquisition and preparation of agreements for renewable energy company

- Active board work for companies in the consulting business, farming and real estate